It may start as an occasional flush or a sensation of heat and blushing, rosacea may also appear as blotchy patches of redness of the face. Rosacea can be a by-product of acne medications or the result of anti-aging creams and lotions. Rosacea redness may look like a sun burn, a rash, or as if you applied too much makeup and blusher today.

However your rosacea began the ultimate goal is to find a way to control and manage the redness and prevent it from becoming worse. You may think that the cause of your rosacea is not important but in fact knowing the cause or trigger for your facial redness can be a part of the cure. Sometimes simply isolating the trigger that started the redness can be all it takes to avoid that event and thus enact control of your rosacea.

Always begin by keeping a record of what you observe that makes your rosacea worse. Avoidance can be its own cure in the very early stages of rosacea. There will be times when the trigger is not so obvious and at that point it’s time to return to the basics of good health and skin care.

Stop what you’ve been doing to treat your redness, in a few days you may even find that by doing so your skin will begin to calm down and look less red and irritated. Stay well hydrated. Skin redness, body heat and flushing are often the result of the skin under stress and water will actually calm and cool the skin. How much water will depend on many factors such as medications you are taking, the climate you live or work in – consider not just the outdoor climate but also the indoor climate. Forced air whether it is to cool or heat a room and fluorescent lighting will dry your skin and sap the moisture from it. An easy standard is to double what you are drinking now and adjust as needed. We often make the mistake of thinking any beverage will provide needed moisture and hydration but in fact many of them act as diuretics and deplete the body of even more fluid. Among the culprits here are coffee, teas, diet drinks, even sodas. Rosacea control is a case of not just quantity but also quality.

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