Rosacea symptoms can be vague at times. They’ve often been described as someone who blushes or flushes easily in embarrassing or stressful situations. That could apply to almost everyone. So what sets rosacea apart? The flushing may last longer for someone with rosacea, the facial redness more intense and it may not always be initiated by a single event or situation. Some say rosacea looks like a sunburn and we all have met those people who love to comment and bring attention to the redness with some usually loud comment about the redness on your face and this only serves to make the matter worse.

Rosacea may appear not so much as a sunburnt appearance but as a pattern of little tiny lines or visible blood veins as fine as a spider’s web across the cheeks and nose. In times of stress, heat, fatigue or as part of your hormonal cycle, this finely webbed pattern may appear more intensely red or a deeper pinkish in color or the pattern may be more tightly aligned with the lines appearing more numerous and closer together.

Rosacea sometimes has an acne-like appearance but while acne pimples may be present as a component of your rosacea, the acne-like bumps of rosacea stay red rather than morphing into a white- topped pimple. Many people with rosacea report that their face burns or stings and sometimes the skin can feel tight and stretched.

No one has ever given a sufficiently plausible explanation of how or why but rosacea – a condition of the facial skin – can affect the eyes too. In this instance the result is a reddened bloodshot appearance to the eyes or it may manifest as a watery burning in the eyes with the corners of the eyes appearing pale red or pinkish in color. The eyes often react more adversely to sunlight or fluorescent lighting causing an intensifying of the symptoms.

In more advanced cases over a period of years, rosacea can change the appearance of your face causing the nose to stay permanently reddish in color and the skin on the nose becomes lumpy and takes on the appearance of a reddened orb.

Rosacea symptoms can first appear as some many other things with any plausible reason for the symptoms that it can be easy to overlook the cause at first. It is often only with repeated episodes that one realizes the problem is rosacea.

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