Rosacea affected skin can be very sensitive. The popular deodorant soaps can be quite drying due to the added stronger fragrances and scrubbing compounds in the soaps. The liquid soaps make lots of suds and bubbles but don’t always clean well.

Rosacea skin has a tendency to slightly dry particularly in the flushed or reddened affected facial areas, for this reason you want to focus on a soap that will clean thoroughly and gently without overly drying the skin.

Unscented gentle cleansing bars designed specifically for sensitive skin are ideal for this purpose. Some of the more popular brands include Dove and Neutrogena cleansing bars.

How you cleanse the skin is very important. We all have a tendency to think if we just remove the top layer of damaged skin, we will reveal clear undamaged underneath. This is a great thought but not always practical. If we exfoliate and remove too much of the protective upper layers of skin, we reveal younger skin that is more sensitive to damage and sunlight. The younger skin is also more prone to dryness as it has not yet formed the necessary protective oils and barriers of the outer layers of skin.

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