Stress and rosacea seem to go together in many ways. Stress is a commonly identified trigger for rosacea. Stress can occur if a person is tired, over-worked, worried, not eating properly or in a hurry to meet a deadline and running behind schedule.

The cortisol hormones created by stress can cause a person to flush with a rush adrenaline or nervousness. Stress activates an immune system response within the body in which the body senses an imbalance or supposed attack and may respond with a rush of blood to the skin. In this rush of blood to the surface of the skin, the body is trying to shore up its defenses and strengthen its protective barrier otherwise known as our skin. The result is a reddened flushed appearance on the surface of the skin. The flush of redness is most apparent where the skin is thinnest – our facial and neck areas.

Rosacea itself can perpetrate additional stress as we try to find ways to manage and control the flushing. So then how can we manage stress induced rosacea and rosacea induced stress. The key is in finding ways to manage the cortisol levels and one very easy way to do this is by drinking water. Water is the great equalizer in the body. It aids in flushing out toxins and excesses within the body and immune system. Increasing the amount of water you consume can balance out the cortisol hormone levels, reduce stress, it reduces the amount of internal body heat to help cool the skin, and helps to regulate the pH levels within the body that can trigger many of our rosacea induced flushing responses.

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