Rosacea Support Group

The Rosacea Support Group is a no-cost, moderated, email group for rosacea sufferers to offer support to each other as a community of fellow rosacea sufferers who are willing to share their symptoms, and their successful and failed treatments.

The email group functions as an online rosacea self-help group. The Rosacea Support Group was created as an e-mail support group for rosacea suffers to post to the rosacea forum, rosacea chat, or rosacea bulletin board. The Rosacea Support Group is for members to exchange information about rosacea treatments, experiences, and rosacea symptoms that are listed as ‘the standard of care’ by physicians as well as other non-prescribed medication over the counter or via the internet.

The International Rosacea Foundation likewise supplies a large amount of most helpful information. Both the International Rosacea Foundation and the Rosacea Support Group use the concept of the Rotary Four Way Test: 1) Is it the TRUTH? 2) Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3) Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?” And likewise the postings on the Rosacea Support Group from the members of the group when addressing their problem or posting to the problem of another member of the group are to meet this Four Way Test.

Being a rosacea sufferer can be a lonely problem socially, professionally and even with your family. Seems like so many do not really understand what you are experiencing. Also, some that do not know you very well may even consider you an alcoholic as redness is a symptom of heavy alcohol abuse. Well we are just having a glass of wine and we get judged. Even sometimes our dermatologist who is treating us considers us to be whiners. And out of the door we go within 7 to 10 minutes after finally getting to see the ‘rosacea specialist’ that we have waited on for the last 30 to 45 minutes as the ‘doc’ is late. Just you and your loved one alone with the rosacea problem and they do ‘not understand’ as they do not have this red face problem. And it is not a cold to get over in 3-4 days and back to work or a late cold or influenza that continues even after we return to our vocation career chores, but rosacea goes onward day after day, month after month and year after year. Why doesn’t someone in our own family understand? And especially the dermatologist or family doctor that has known me for several years? Why? And understanding is one thing but going ahead and giving me “the best Rosacea Treatment’ up front and cut the chase! Let’s solve this problem. I have told you my problems and now please provide me the answer! Soon? I have been coming to your office for years and even before that I have migrated from one dermatologist to another for year. And moved three times over the years and the rosacea dermatologist in my old residence and this one in the new city cannot seemingly get the rosacea under control!

Have you reached “Rosacea Burnout?”

Most of us have learned that job, family and love life and dating, educational institutions, death and divorce, etc. are some of the causes of rosacea. However, when you have the regular problem that non rosacea sufferers have with the additional problems of redness and rosacea papules, seborrheic dermatitis and acne pimples at ages of 25 to 55 and still not being an alcoholic or teenager causes ‘stress in itself’. The rosacea stress and the ‘regular work day’ can lead to what is known as ‘Rosacea Burnout’. This stage is when you are beyond exhaustion with family, friends, other work peers or students, and also with your dermatologist. It is when you are drained of all physical, spiritual, emotional reserves and sometimes “financial reserves” and when you feel as though you just can’t fight this red battle any longer….then you may possible consider the outreach of The Rosacea Support Group !

If you reach the ‘Rosacea Burnout’ stage, then you are at danger of ending up with family member, friends and professional peers that ‘feel sorry for you’, but tend to avoid you, and your life is one without job promotions, romantic dates, or a lonely ‘shut in’ at home reading a book or watching television. We as rosacea sufferers need care as our families often depend on us for their basic needs of food, rent or mortgage payments, clothing, etc. And most of all we need friends that can understand what we are ‘going through’ so thus the Rosacea Support Group maybe be an enjoyable group for you to join !

The Rosacea Support Group offers a ‘safe space’ to vent… !

So what steps have you taken or are you willing to take to ensure you don’t reach ‘Rosacea Burnout’ for your family that is dependent on you, and for yourself. The Rosacea Support Group is becoming more and more popular. Sure it may not be ‘for you’ but it could be ‘for me’ as we all are ‘different’. The Rosacea Support Group offers a safe place to share emotions and experiences, and exchange practical ‘personal and treatment’ information with others. So please be ‘truthful’ and ‘please try to help others’ also as they are in the same red row boat! The Rosacea Support Group can be for like-minded people experiencing all sorts of situations in their rosacea treatment, personal lives, and what to do when confronted with the emotional, social, professional career choices!

You’re not alone. . . !

The Rosacea Support Group helps you see that your situation is not unique, that you are not alone in your feelings and experiences with your present and past experiences. Just as importantly, you can use The Rosacea Support as a resource to find other people who have struggled with the same problems as you and have ended up on the ‘high side’ in their rosacea experiences. As a rosacea sufferer, you may begin to rely more on your informal intimate network of rosacea sufferer’s rosacea support than your dermatologist or your ‘normal’ friends. There are no dangers of ‘privacy invasion or leakage’ on Rosacea Support Group. You do not have to use your ‘real name’ but please be honest in your presentation and follow the Rotary Four Way Test provided above and in the introductory message.

You will find the Rosacea Support Group a most interesting group to find support.