With so many product options available for the treatment of rosacea deciding which will be the best fit for your specific rosacea concerns can be a challenge. It’s best to take an educated approach to a rosacea treatment product. Consider what the product states it can achieve and then look at the ingredients to determine if these statements can be supported by the healing properties of the ingredients.

Many times rosacea treatment products contain an exfoliate and peeling off the outer layer of skin to reveal the new skin underneath sounds like a good idea but the reality is you now have very sensitive skin exposed to sunlight, and the chemical processes of treatment before it has matured to the level in which it can tolerate these processes, thus you end up with a new layer of skin even more red and sensitive than when you began the treatment process.

The goal in a rosacea treatment product should be to treat the skin in such a way to allow the skin to heal and repair itself without causing further damage to the skin. Gentle, simple basic skin care is the best rosacea treatment guideline. Cleanse the skin gently with a non-abrasive cleanser – don’t try to deodorize the skin or exfoliate or scrub the skin to open the pores – this will only result in additional redness and irritation. Instead gently open the pores with a warm water rinse, gently cleanse the skin using a soft clean wash cloth, and then rinse with cool water to close the pores. A few drops of a soothing moisture oil applied to the still damp skin with help to relieve any dryness or irritation. Keep your skin well hydrated by consuming at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Our skin tends to experience moisture loss very easily and this will lead to increased redness, itching and skin irritation.

Once your skin has had a few days to heal and gentle skin care practices have allowed a chance for your skin to calm its reactionary process, then you can introduce a soothing rosacea treatment product. Start slowly and stay with a treatment that is non-irritating such as the soothing, healing mineral salts found in Rosacea-Ltd.

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