The redness, flush or blush of rosacea can be a cause of frustration or embarrassment to many. Something about the facial redness always seems to elicit a comment from people, drawing even more attention to the problem and making it that much worse for the sufferer.

The usual cause of rosacea flushing is related to common rosacea triggers such as medications, anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products, sunlight, certain foods or beverages, stress, acidosis, and dehydration.

Controlling the individual factors that cause the skin to flush with rosacea may require time and commitment to identify your specific triggers. In general you can minimize all known rosacea triggers by increasing your water intake as dehydration will intensify all rosacea triggers, causing the skin to react more severely to any of your triggers for rosacea. Keeping the body at a pH neutral level will also help to regulate your rosacea responses of not only flushing, but also pimples and papules. Maintaining a pH balance in the body will strengthen the body’s immune system and thus reduce the impact of your trigger responses.

Rosacea can be managed and controlled through a diligent attention to detail. The best place to start is to review lifestyle recommendations to learn new ways to modify your rosacea response to your rosacea triggers. Rosacea flares as a result of the body’s immune system response which is stimulated by the rosacea triggers that cause your skin to react. Rosacea is a basic science concept – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. To control rosacea, one must learn to manage and control the severity of the action and in doing so, reduce and minimize the reaction.

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