Facial spider veins also known as Telangiectasia are small bluish or reddish colored threads or lines that appear just below the surface of the facial skin. Hey can appear anywhere on the face but are normally seen on the nose, under the eyes or across the cheeks.
They develop as a result of inflammation, sun exposure, or pregnancy, topical steroid use on the face, rosacea and pressure causing damage to the walls of the blood vessels. Damage to the smaller veins will appear as reddish lines while damage to the larger veins will result in the more prominent bluish colored veins.

The occurrence of spider veins cannot always be avoided but we can minimize the risks. Always use a sunscreen. The lining of our blood vessels are composed of collagen, the UV rays of the sun and tanning beds break down collagen causing aging and visible spider veins as the veins weaken, thin, leak out and spread.

In the progression of rosacea, the veins in the face weaken, thin and leak. Keeping the body well hydrated, maintaining an alkaline pH balance in the body and avoiding the triggers that create your rosacea to flare can help you to control your rosacea.

Other known causes of facial spider veins include allergies, medications, lupus, and liver disease. Episodes of chronic sneezing or coughing, induced vomiting often associated with bulimia, and trauma from severe injury to the facial area can also contribute to the occurrence of Telangiectasia.

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