Rosacea sufferers are so accustomed to a treatment not working that they often overlook any progress they make in managing their symptoms. If you put yourself in the mindset that nothing will work, then nothing will. It can be difficult to approach a new treatment with an unbiased, impartial approach; you’re just so used to a treatment not working and not living up to the hype you hear advertised about it. A major obstacle to overcome when beginning a new treatment is our mindset. If you approach your rosacea treatment with a clean slate, stop everything you’ve been using. I know this is the point where you think to yourself, if I don’t treat it with something, it’ll get worse. But hear me out: give your skin a break and allow the skin to calm and heal from your previous treatment – and if it wasn’t working why continue with it anyway? Start for scratch, clean your skin properly but not abrasively, hydrate the skin internally by increasing your fluid intake and externally with a pure, non-aggressive moisturizing oil such as Jojoba or chamomile. Avoid the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle because it’s also anti-soothing and anti-calming thus it will cause more redness and skin irritation. Check you pH levels, a body that is acidic (a pH lower than 6.5) will have a lower immune system resulting in an increase in pimples, papules and skin redness. If we take the time to prep the skin for treatment, the treatment will be more successful.

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