Not getting enough sleep can adversely affect your rosacea symptoms. Lack of sleep tends to make you more flushed and increases your stress levels. While some stress is good, it stimulates creativity, and makes us more alert and aware of our situation and surroundings. But at times we become overwhelmed by stress and our ability to manage it. When this happens it can affect our sleep patterns, causing us over time to develop a vicious cycle seems to take over our lives.

You read and hear about so many tips for better sleep and they often deal with managing the amount of light in the room, avoiding stimulants before bed, or not watching television in bed, but they fail to mention the all-important tip about how to clear your mind of the stress and worries that keep you up at night and affect your ability to relax.

The key to controlling stress is to block the stressful thoughts to allow the body to relax and regain balance. To do this you need to find a way to redirect your thoughts, concentrate on something you can control and you will be able to relax for better sleep.

One method is to close your eyes and imagine a chalk board, visualize yourself printing the numeral -1 -on the chalk board, look at it, erase it, now print out the word – one – and again look at it and then visualize yourself as you erase it, then go to the number -2, again print it look at it and then erase it. It’s interesting that you will rarely make it to the number 10 before falling asleep.

Another successful method is to practice deep breathing relaxation techniques. Lie comfortably on your back and breathe in deeply through you nose. Done correctly, your stomach will rise as you inhale but not your chest. Breathe in to as you count from one to three or four, this allows you to take in more oxygen, allowing the body to relax.

You want to exhale through your mouth, slowly pushing out as much air as possible to complete the count to ten. Again your stomach should move as you exhale but your chest very little. Continue this breathing in and out counting to ten each time as you do. In no time you will be totally relaxed and sleeping.

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