Mild Rosacea

Stage One of Rosacea or Mild Rosacea

In the progression of rosacea stage one would constitute a situation in which the transient episodes of facial flushing become more pronounced and more frequent. The facial redness would be more intense and longer in duration. This stage or rosacea is known as Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea or ETR for short, it is characterized by more permanent or consistent redness in the central location of the face. The appearance of broken blood vessels also called spider veins would begin to appear just below the surface of the skin. Some people at this stage of rosacea development report that they experience episodes of burning sensations to their skin that some liken to the feel of sunburn on the face. The skin may feel tight, dry and in some cases flaky. As Stage One Rosacea, these are the most common symptoms of rosacea.

It is often during this phase of rosacea, that people observe that their skin is more sensitive and less tolerant of environmental and chemical influences and more reactive to basic rosacea triggers. This is a time that challenges many rosacea sufferers to take action and begin a treatment regimen in the hope of controlling and limiting their rosacea progression.  Should the treatment regimen not be adequate to manage this stage of rosacea one may find their rosacea symptoms can migrate to encompass the hairline, scalp, and the ears experience episodes of redness and burning, the neckline and even the upper chest may become red and exhibit signs of inflammation or splotchy areas of skin.

Management at this stage of rosacea involves dealing with the increasing sensitivity of the skin. At this time you may notice that products you used on your skin in the past now cause a reaction and intensify the symptoms of rosacea. This is a time when the adage – less is more- will apply to your skin care routine. Although it’s hard because your desire is to cover up and hide the redness, the more you try to hide the redness, the increasing sensitivity and react your skin becomes. It’s time to treat the skin more gently, avoid the temptation and go for less, a lighter touch, a lighter application. Go back to basic skin care; avoid skin exfoliants and facial scrubs as these will be too harsh at this stage of treatment. Stick to pure gentle ingredients to minimize the stress and trauma to the skin.


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