Stage 3 Rosacea - Severe Rosacea

Stage Three Rosacea /
Severe Rosacea

In the third stage or more advanced state of Rosacea the inflammation increasing becomes more permanent and severe redness is more intense. The nose may become swollen and misshapen in a condition known as rhinophyma. The years of mismanagement of the flushing and inflammation episodes result in permanent damage to the blood vessels. The skin can become hyper-sensitive to the point that some state – that even the application of water causes pain and discomfort.  At this stage which only a very few rosacea sufferers progress to, the symptoms can be debilitating and hamper one’s ability to function on a day to day basic.

It is often noted in this stage of rosacea that one will also experience other conditions not directly related to the skin. It’s not uncommon to experience depression, digestive issues and concerns, eczema or psoriasis. All of these suggest that in actuality all do have a commonalty – the body immune system has become compromised. Inflammation of any sort in the body, internal or external is the result of an immune system malfunction. So what began as a mild passing facial blush was actually the first indication that the immune system was under stress.

Treatments for this stage of rosacea this more challenging. To heal the skin one must enact on a course of strengthening and repairing the body’s entire immune system. It may sound like a rather daunting task but it can be done.

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