One needs to approach the treatment of rosacea as a mindset. Successful management of your rosacea symptoms is a balance measuring your level of compromise versus what you hope to achieve in results. If one avoided every trigger for rosacea, would it guarantee rosacea clear skin? For some, yes, for others the equation is much more complex and even avoiding every trigger, the symptoms may still persist. It’s not just the known triggers that accelerate a rosacea flare. When our body is in a reactive phase due to an acidic culture within the body, a rosacea flare can occur not only from the traditional triggers but nearly anything could instigate a flare of symptoms and cause the skin to react in redness, itching bumps and irritation. Often times when we are having difficulty isolating the cause of our current flare it may be due to a chemical or acidic imbalance within the body. Testing your urine with a pH strip can be helpful in determining if the actual cause of your rosacea is due to acidity.

Once you restore the alkaline balance to the body, the skin, as our body’s largest organ will be better able to handle rosacea triggers and be less reactive to your known triggers. This explains why sometimes your skin reacts more explosively to a rosacea trigger and other times, that same trigger may be more of a minor inconvenience that is easily handled or covered up.

Treating rosacea is more than just learning what your skin reacts to but learning to handle that reaction and monitoring the alkaline balance of our body to strengthen the immune system in order to minimize the reaction response to the rosacea trigger.

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