Research has indicated that there may be a correlation between the occurrence of stomach ulcers and rosacea. People who suffer from stomach ulcers are more likely to develop symptoms of rosacea and vice versa. Stomach irritation occurs with the ingestion of too many acid foods and drinks such, soft drinks, alcohol, etc. irritate the stomach lining and new cell regeneration of the stomach lining cannot take place as quickly. Continuous irritation of the stomach mucosal lining over a long period of time most definitely leads to stomach ulcers most commonly called peptic ulcers. The digestive gastric acid fluid is most effective in breaking down and digestion of our foods. The gastric acid has a pH of 1.5 to 3.5 normally and is quite proficient.

The stomach and other parts of the gastric system must continue to repair itself to avoid severe problems. When or stomach and gastric system does […]