The Time Worn Theory That Mites Cause Rosacea

It’s surprising to note that the national news sources are all reporting the NEW STARTLING DISCOVERY of the decades old theory that rosacea is somehow caused by Demodex Mites. If this were truly the case than the entire population of the world would be suffering from rosacea. There’s your first clue that it’s not true, just another scare story that’s been picked up by numerous news sources to pray upon our fears.

The very real fear here is that someone might actually believe it and in doing so feel the only way to rid their skin of these ultra-magnified terrifying creatures is to scrub, scour and scrape their skin, thus inflicting even more permanent damage to an already sensitive skin condition.

For anything to CAUSE rosacea, we must first create a situation to weaken the skin’s defenses enough to create the conditions for rosacea to prosper. So how might […]

Don’t Over Think Your Rosacea Treatment

Don’t over think your rosacea treatment. You don’t need a complicated routine to be successful in controlling your rosacea. Keep it simple, keep in basic and keep it on track.

Keep the body well hydrated. Probably 90% of our rosacea flares are related to hydration or rather the lack thereof. If the body is dry, as the body’s largest organ, the skin is dry. If the body is dehydrated, hormone levels will be affected making one more susceptible to facial redness, pimples and papules.

Cleanse the skin gently. Do not over exfoliate. We often think we can scrub away or peel away all the unwanted skin and with it the unwanted rosacea. In reality all this does is make it worse. The skin becomes redder and more sensitive. A soft wash cloth used to apply your skin cleanser will gently remove your makeup, dirt, bacteria and exfoliate […]

Managing Rosacea Symptoms Through pH Balance

We have spoken a lot about balancing the body’s pH as a method of controlling the symptoms of rosacea and managing the skin’s response to rosacea triggers. There are many ways this can be achieved. Our body acts in many ways as a complex system of checks and balances and when operating at its optimum levels, controlling rosacea symptoms is a very easy task. Our body naturally neutralizes acids through a system of controlled buffers or processes. The body expels some acids through the basic process of breathing. As we exhale, we release carbon dioxide from the lungs, the carbon dioxide is a by-product of the body filtering and processing the oxygen we breathe. The carbon dioxide is acidic and through exhaling we release or remove these acids from the body. Some acids from the foods and beverages we consume are excreted through the kidneys and colon. As we […]

Cosmetic Induced Rosacea

The creams, foundations, powders and makeup you apply to your skin can act as a trigger for your rosacea. Sometimes referred to as acne cosmetica, this is sometimes seen as a mild form of acne pimples resulting from ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products. Areas of the skin usually affected include the hairline and scalp due to hairspray, hair gels and hairstyling products, facial areas from makeups and skin creams and the neck and upper chest from skin care creams, deodorant soaps, fragrances in soaps, cleansers and perfumes.

The chemical components of hair and skin care products cause the texture of the skin to look and feel rough with areas of pinkish bumps that are generally quite small in diameter. This type of rash does not usually appear inflamed or swollen. Cosmetic induced rosacea flares usually develop slowly and progress over a few weeks or months. Because it develops […]

Seeking the Elusive Treatment or Cure for Rosacea

Seeking the elusive treatment or cure for rosacea. Because so many acne and rosacea treatments are just too harsh for the skin causing skin sensitivity, a treatment that can address effectively the more sensitive issue of rosacea will also be effective in addressing the symptoms of acne. This can happen because sometimes just removing the harsh and aggressive medications used to treat acne and rosacea thus allowing the skin to recover and heal from the side effects of those treatments is in itself a healing treatment. But we have found that often times this is not enough and one needs to boost the healing power with hydration of the body, a soothing protective oil, as well as an effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal treatment such as is found in the minerals in Rosacea-Ltd.

We all have in our medicine cabinets, the treatment cream graveyard. When it doesn’t work fast, toss it and […]

The Next Generation in Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea-Ltd gives the rosacea sufferer an edge with the next generation of rosacea treatment. Explore new insight in rosacea treatment with our Lifestyle Recommendations page, and Cause and Cure page. We provide unique strategies that inspire and promote a healthy, rosacea free lifestyle. You can control the treatment of your rosacea; balance a degree of commitment to your rosacea treatment that affords you the degree of clearing you wish to achieve. In our detailed order form, we target specific questions about your past and current treatments with the parameters of your current rosacea condition. In doing so we can provide you with insight you won’t find anywhere else into how to control and manage your rosacea to achieve the greatest amount of clearing. It is up front and personal care from people who care, people who know what it’s like to have rosacea […]

The Look of Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition in which the facial skin displays signs of facial redness, skin irritation, and red bumps called papules. The condition of the facial skin may be anything from oily to very dry. This is often the result of medications or treatment combinations used by the rosacea patient that has altered the physical condition of the skin. Rosacea can in some cases extend to include involvement of the eyes. Eye involvement of rosacea consists of a feeling of burning or pain in the eyes. The eyes may appear red or bloodshot. In some cases one reports the eyes are watery or teary in appearance, while others state their eyes feel very dry and gritty. The area of facial involvement usually occurs around the cheeks or the T-zone area of the face but can in some instances extend beyond the facial area to include the […]

Controlling Rosacea Symptoms

Many may view rosy pink cheeks as a sign of good health and beauty. For others that rosy glow indicates the occurrence of a possible skin condition called rosacea. Optimum health and beauty in skin care is actually a result of finding the right balance to unlock the full potential of your skin. Eating and drinking properly is not only less expensive but much healthier over both the short and long term. And a proper rosacea diet reduces the chance of rosacea as well as poor health and diseases such as diabetes, allergies, sinus conditions, obesity, osteoporosis, rheumatism, arthritis, lupus, and cancer. While as a rosacea sufferer we are very concerned about our facial appearances, with some of these aforementioned debilitating diseases, many of these patients don’t even want to go out socially. Many of these problems can be prevented or drastically reduced by an alkaline diet as […]

Periodontal Rosacea

There are many causes of rosacea. Not every possible cause is relevant to every person because no two people are alike and no two cases of rosacea are alike. On first thought periodontal gum disease and rosacea would not seem to be related. But in studying closely each condition, a pattern begins to emerge that seems to indicate that in fact there is a correlation.

Gum disease results when bacteria, food particles, saliva and mucus form a plaque or tartar on the teeth. The plaque and tartar if left for long periods of time on the teeth result in inflammation of the gums causing increasing redness, swelling and even bleeding. If left untreated in can in some instances advance into a condition in which the inflammation surrounds the tooth causing the gums to separate from the tooth which can become infected.

When an area of the body becomes infected, the immune […]

Rosacea Facts

There are so many misunderstandings and myths about rosacea and knowing the facts about rosacea can help you in making positive decisions about the health and treatment of your skin.

The time worn theory that rosacea is caused by excessive alcohol consumption is simply not true. What is true is that when people drink too much alcohol their facial skin may develop a flushed appearance but this is caused by the alcohol dehydrating the body resulting in a more rapid rush of blood to the skin’s surface layers of skin to replace the moisture lost due to dehydration. This would also explain why some people develop a more pronounced alcohol flush than others.

Another theory that is running rampant these days is that mites cause rosacea. This theory has been bounced around the dermatology circles for years with no real basis. The fact is everyone has mites and skin bacteria […]