Price Comparison of Rosacea Treatments

When factoring in the cost of a rosacea treatment, one needs to consider the many aspects of the treatment regimen – how long will the supply I purchase today last, what other products do I need to purchase with it for the treatment to be used effectively and last but not least what recourse do I have if for some reason the treatment doesn’t work for me.

Below we have compiled a list of the top rosacea treatments currently and often used for the treatment of rosacea:

When you first seek help for rosacea depending on where you go for treatment assistance, at some point you will probably be prescribed one of the metronidazole products. These products come in gel form, cream and lotion. They are sold under the names: metro gel, metro cream, metro lotion, noritate, and Flagyl to name a few. This is a topical application used to […]

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Rosacea Treatment

The itching associated with rosacea can be quite annoying, added to the fact that the more you scratch the redder and more inflamed your skin will become. The sensation that triggers the urge to scratch is rooted within our immune system. When the skin identifies an intrusion or attack on the skin’s surface, our immune system is stimulated to a response. It rushes anti-bodies through the blood to the area of intrusion. This is what we observe as a reddened raised patch or area on the skin. The body is trying to protect the internal organs. That being said, it doesn’t solve the fact that the itches, it’s red and uncomfortable.

Apple cider vinegar has been used in a variety of ways as a treatment for the symptoms of rosacea. The apple cider vinegar addresses mainly the surface issues of itching and the flaking skin that some experience with rosacea. […]

Embrace a Change in Rosacea Treatment

Transform your rosacea treatment regimen from one of haphazard results to success. In treating rosacea one must sometimes move beyond boundaries of what we have been led to believe is a lifelong incurable condition. Embrace a change in thinking about how you approach your treatment of rosacea.
Bass & Boney, the creators of one of the most distinctive rosacea treatments ever made have spent years on research and development of a novel new approach to rosacea skin care. Rosacea-Ltd is a unique rosacea treatment with specially selected ingredients combining the ability to calm, reduce redness and protect the skin along with protection that comes from anti-bacterial agents in the ingredients. This technologically advanced rosacea compound works synergistically to soothe the skin while helping to restore, maintain and replenish a healthier environment to the protective outer barrier of the skin to enhance healing.Your connection to clearer skin is only a […]

The Science of Facial Redness

The redness, flush or blush of rosacea can be a cause of frustration or embarrassment to many. Something about the facial redness always seems to elicit a comment from people, drawing even more attention to the problem and making it that much worse for the sufferer.

The usual cause of rosacea flushing is related to common rosacea triggers such as medications, anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products, sunlight, certain foods or beverages, stress, acidosis, and dehydration.

Controlling the individual factors that cause the skin to flush with rosacea may require time and commitment to identify your specific triggers. In general you can minimize all known rosacea triggers by increasing your water intake as dehydration will intensify all rosacea triggers, causing the skin to react more severely to any of your triggers for rosacea. Keeping the body at a pH neutral level will also help to regulate your rosacea responses of […]

The Anatomy of a Papule

A papule is a small reddish colored inflamed nodule or bump under the skin that does not contain pus. It may feel itchy or be accompanied by a rash. Papules may appear alone or but more often occur in groups of two or more within the rash. A papule is a lesion formed as part of our body’s immune defense system. When there is a break in the surface of the skin allowing bacteria or germs to enter the body, our immune system rushes white blood cells to the area to isolate the intrusion. This forms a small pocket around the area which present son the skin as a small raised bump which often appears red due to the inflammation caused by the cells attempt to isolate the bacterial invasion.

Treatment of papules involves requires a gentle touch. If you scrub or use an abrasive cream or lotions […]

Inflammation Reducing Foods

So often times with rosacea one must focus on all the things you need to avoid, what not to eat or drink. But there are so many things that are rosacea compatible. Relaxing at the end of the day and watching the sunset, a walk with your dog, and a lot of food treats. Green teas, as well as oolong and white blended teas help fight inflammation and also possess antioxidant properties. So a tall glass of ice tea is always a refreshing way to reduce redness and swelling.

Replace regular cooking and salad oils with extra virgin olive oil. This unrefined version of olive oil contains oleocanthol, a substance that inhibits the inflammation process of the COX-1 and Cox-2 enzymes in the body. The interference of these enzymes works to block inflammation in a manner similar to ibuprofen.

Fish such as tuna, halibut, salmon, chinook, scallops, cod, […]

Asking the Important Questions About your Rosacea Treatment

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to review your rosacea treatment portfolio and be sure it’s still the right treatment choice for you and your current rosacea condition. Are your reasons for using you rosacea treatment compatible with the results you are seeing?

We all want to jump onto the next ‘new’ treatment we see advertised but sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves – why. What results were you expecting with your current treatment and did that treatment produce those results? If not – why. It can be helpful to go back and review the instructions for use and consider how you yourself are using that treatment. It is possible that there is a better or more beneficial way to use it? Is your rosacea treatment even recommended for the treatment of your rosacea symptoms?

If your rosacea treatment regimen isn’t producing the […]

Dry Skin in Winter

Along with the cooler temperatures and winter weather come problems dealing with dry skin and eczema. Where in the country you live can affect how you approach treating dry skin. Winter in most areas brings cooler, dryer air and an increase in indoor heating all of which combine to create dry, flaky and itchy skin due to moisture loss.

No matter where you live, keeping the body and skin well hydrated in paramount in combating temperatures extremes. While a hot shower or bath can sound so relaxing, it strips the skin of its protective moisture barrier and the itching and irritation that may follow will be anything but relaxing. So the rule here is to take short, warm showers and pat the skin dry afterwards.

Each particular area of the country experiences its own weather climate and special needs. In the south portions of the […]

Childhood Rosacea

Can the symptoms of rosacea be present in childhood? If one were to believe in a genetic marker or genetic predisposition for rosacea, then the answer would be yes. Do you ever observe your child outside at play and notice a red, blotchy appearance on their cheeks and face and worry this could be an early onset rosacea? Or you notice your child’s facial area becomes flushed with the heat or cold. While it is possible that symptoms of a rosacea like predisposition could be present in children, it is also possible to change these traits that have produced the appearance of the predisposition or early onset rosacea-like condition.

Often these flushed facial traits occur when children are excited or overly stimulated by outdoor activities. When children get involved in outdoor activities, they often forget or in some cases were never taught to drink plenty of water, to […]

Neck Rosacea

In some instances rosacea can migrate from the facial area to the neck and upper front of the chest area. The affected skin may appear red, blotchy or even appear sun burnt. In most cases the symptoms of neck rosacea are limited to flushing, itching, possible dryness and a sensation of burning or heat in the affected area.

The causes of neck rosacea can be the same as facial rosacea but may also be the result of perfumes or sprays that come in contact with the skin of the neck or upper chest. Even deodorant or perfumed soaps and cleansing bars may cause dryness, redness and irritation.

Treatment for neck rosacea is much the same as facial rosacea: drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated, avoid any know triggers, soothe the skin with jojoba oil and consider Rosacea-Ltd to calm and soothe the redness and inflammation.

Click the above […]