Managing Rosacea Symptoms Through pH Balance

We have spoken a lot about balancing the body’s pH as a method of controlling the symptoms of rosacea and managing the skin’s response to rosacea triggers. There are many ways this can be achieved. Our body acts in many ways as a complex system of checks and balances and when operating at its optimum levels, controlling rosacea symptoms is a very easy task. Our body naturally neutralizes acids through a system of controlled buffers or processes. The body expels some acids through the basic process of breathing. As we exhale, we release carbon dioxide from the lungs, the carbon dioxide is a by-product of the body filtering and processing the oxygen we breathe. The carbon dioxide is acidic and through exhaling we release or remove these acids from the body. Some acids from the foods and beverages we consume are excreted through the kidneys and colon. As we […]

Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea symptoms can be vague at times. They’ve often been described as someone who blushes or flushes easily in embarrassing or stressful situations. That could apply to almost everyone. So what sets rosacea apart? The flushing may last longer for someone with rosacea, the facial redness more intense and it may not always be initiated by a single event or situation. Some say rosacea looks like a sunburn and we all have met those people who love to comment and bring attention to the redness with some usually loud comment about the redness on your face and this only serves to make the matter worse.

Rosacea may appear not so much as a sunburnt appearance but as a pattern of little tiny lines or visible blood veins as fine as a spider’s web across the cheeks and nose. In times of stress, heat, fatigue or as part of your […]

Reduce Rosacea with Celery

The old adage that eating an apple everyday can keep the doctor away may be true but a tall glass of celery juice (16 ounces) may keep rosacea away! Celery ranks very high on the alkaline food chart which makes it a great choice to add to foods or to drink in a juiced form to balance acidic foods. Celery contains numerous health benefits: it can boost white cell counts through the compound coumarin and aids our vascular system. Celery like all high alkaline content foods, purifies the bloodstream, is a natural stress reliever, helps reduce blood pressure, it aids in balancing and maintaining our digestive system.

The vitamins and nutrients in celery, namely sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and silicon are essential natural anti-inflammatories and are beneficial to rosacea sufferers in reducing skin redness and irritation. Celery acts as a natural diuretic and aids the body in removing toxins […]

The Anatomy of a Papule

A papule is a small reddish colored inflamed nodule or bump under the skin that does not contain pus. It may feel itchy or be accompanied by a rash. Papules may appear alone or but more often occur in groups of two or more within the rash. A papule is a lesion formed as part of our body’s immune defense system. When there is a break in the surface of the skin allowing bacteria or germs to enter the body, our immune system rushes white blood cells to the area to isolate the intrusion. This forms a small pocket around the area which present son the skin as a small raised bump which often appears red due to the inflammation caused by the cells attempt to isolate the bacterial invasion.

Treatment of papules involves requires a gentle touch. If you scrub or use an abrasive cream or lotions […]

The Science of Facial Redness

The redness, flush or blush of rosacea can be a cause of frustration or embarrassment to many. Something about the facial redness always seems to elicit a comment from people, drawing even more attention to the problem and making it that much worse for the sufferer.

The usual cause of rosacea flushing is related to common rosacea triggers such as medications, anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products, sunlight, certain foods or beverages, stress, acidosis, and dehydration.

Controlling the individual factors that cause the skin to flush with rosacea may require time and commitment to identify your specific triggers. In general you can minimize all known rosacea triggers by increasing your water intake as dehydration will intensify all rosacea triggers, causing the skin to react more severely to any of your triggers for rosacea. Keeping the body at a pH neutral level will also help to regulate your rosacea responses of […]

The Next Generation in Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea-Ltd gives the rosacea sufferer an edge with the next generation of rosacea treatment. Explore new insight in rosacea treatment with our Lifestyle Recommendations page, and Cause and Cure page. We provide unique strategies that inspire and promote a healthy, rosacea free lifestyle. You can control the treatment of your rosacea; balance a degree of commitment to your rosacea treatment that affords you the degree of clearing you wish to achieve. In our detailed order form, we target specific questions about your past and current treatments with the parameters of your current rosacea condition. In doing so we can provide you with insight you won’t find anywhere else into how to control and manage your rosacea to achieve the greatest amount of clearing. It is up front and personal care from people who care, people who know what it’s like to have rosacea […]

The Look of Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition in which the facial skin displays signs of facial redness, skin irritation, and red bumps called papules. The condition of the facial skin may be anything from oily to very dry. This is often the result of medications or treatment combinations used by the rosacea patient that has altered the physical condition of the skin. Rosacea can in some cases extend to include involvement of the eyes. Eye involvement of rosacea consists of a feeling of burning or pain in the eyes. The eyes may appear red or bloodshot. In some cases one reports the eyes are watery or teary in appearance, while others state their eyes feel very dry and gritty. The area of facial involvement usually occurs around the cheeks or the T-zone area of the face but can in some instances extend beyond the facial area to include the […]

Amazingly Precise Targeted Rosacea Therapy

Rosacea-Ltd is an amazingly precise targeted rosacea therapy. The specially blended minerals salts in Rosacea-Ltd have been chosen specifically for their unique ability to act as a natural anti-bacterial agent in targeting the skin’s surface to strengthen its protective barrier and boost the immune system function. Your body is only as strong as its weakest link and sometimes our weakest link is our largest organ, the skin. When you build up and strengthen your skin’s surface immunities, you have less chance of seeing the rosacea triggered immune response of skin redness, bumps and clogged pores. The minerals in Rosacea-Ltd are blended to work synergistically with the body to boost the immune response capabilities to soothe irritation, reduce redness and promote a healthier skin surface. When this mineral blend is used in combination with healing advantage of adequate hydration of the skin and body and a pH balanced […]

The Right Approach to Skin Treatment

In treating the skin your approach to skin care can be vital to the outcome of the success or failure of the treatment. Skin care is a process of action and reaction. Skin care treatment is not just a case of the action you take to treat the symptoms but also the study of the reaction to what you have done to your skin.

pIf you skin becomes dehydrated it displays a reaction of surface dryness, skin redness, irritation, itching, and increased sensitivity. The process of action in this case not drinking enough water and becoming dehydrated has resulted in the reaction of skin symptoms. The more dehydrated you become the more severe the symptoms.

You can treat the skin dryness or the redness, itching or irritation but if you don’t address the cause, how can you cure the problem?

Click the above image to return to […]

Ocular Rosacea Causes

The most common causes of ocular rosacea are dehydration, inflammation, infection, and irritation. This is a very simple answer to a very complex problem. Curing the problem of ocular involvement with rosacea requires a bit more effort.

The eye itself is composed of 96% water, therefore anytime the body is dehydrated, the eye will most certainly also be dehydrated. Increasing the amount of water you drink to a minimum of 9 to 11 glasses a day will add much needed moisture to the eye, reducing dryness, itchiness, inflammation and irritation.

Inflammation is caused by a number of factors. Inflammation is the body’s defense mechanism. The outer visible surfaces of the body act as a shield to protect the inner organs of the body from bacteria, pollutants, and germs. Any time the body senses an attack it rushes blood to the sight of invasion. As the blood gathers […]