Rosacea can affect the eyes too. The eyes may appear red and inflamed with visible signs of red veining present. The eyes may look pink or crusty in the corners of the eye. Some report a feeling of dryness and the sensation that an eyelash or foreign substance is in their eye. While others find their eyes are very watery and stinging.

The outer area of the eye or eyelid may also be affected. The eyelids may appear swollen and red or pink in color. It may appear as if one has been crying or rubbing their eyes excessively.

Treating these symptoms of eye rosacea can encompass many different approaches. As the eye is 96% water, sometimes simply drinking more water can add much needed moisture to the eye and aid in soothing the redness, irritation and dryness. Other steps include avoiding the use of moisture creams containing lanolin, AHAs, […]