Customer Review – Derek

Derek experienced a moderate degree of facial redness and flushing with his rosacea. The treatments he had used in the past also led to a skin sensitivity which resulted in flares of hives and a skin rash. He described his condition as occurring only on his face, generally center forehead, cheeks under his eyes, and around the inside of his eyes at the eyebrow. Derek’s past treatments included the use of the steroidal creams Vytone and Aclovate for over fifteen years. When describing his steroid use he stated, “If I don’t use the Vytone Cream 1% then condition worsens and after about 1-2 weeks I will get puss like acne. I hope your solution works; otherwise I will try laser or light therapy.”

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Derek

Date Submitted: 9/12/2014

At the time of my first order, I described my condition as being only on my face, generally […]

Customer Review – Sandy

Sandy has tried many rosacea treatments over the years including ‘metrogel, finacea, antibiotics and finally Accutane. Nothing really helped, and Accutane made me really sick.’

Sandy began the Rosacea-Ltd ‘regimen (even drinking the water, ugh!) and much to my surprise, after about 1-2 weeks my face began to clear! I appreciated the advice I received about trying a different toothpaste also because I had a lot of breakouts around my lips and chin. I wish I could send you a before and after picture, I look like a new person. My skin feels so good, not sore and raw-feeling. I have stopped wearing makeup and feel confident going out in public without it.’

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Sandy McLaughlin

Email: Not Available

Date Submitted: 4/30/2007

I have struggled with rosacea for many years. I tried everything: metrogel, finacea, antibiotics and finally accutane. Nothing really helped, and accutane made me really sick. My husband […]

The Rosacea pH Balance

Put simply pH refers to a living things potential of hydrogen; it is a measure of a living tings ability to attract hydrogen ions. Hydrogen is one of the four basic elements necessary for life. Hydrogen allows nutrients to travel through the body to supply and feed cells, skin and organs. A pH level of 7 is considered pH neutral, above 7 is pH alkaline and below 7 is pH acidic.

When the body is too acidic the skin as the body’s largest organ goes into distress. This distress is defines by the symptoms the skin displays: facial redness may indicate rosacea, a too acidic body may show signs of acne, a proliferation of accelerated skin growth may be indicative of psoriasis, or the skin may become sensitive to outside allergens as in the case of eczema.

The body requires a balance of acidic and alkaline nutrients […]