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Polyethylene Glycol use in many Medical, Optical and Food Products
Polyethylene Glycol is used in Rosacea-Ltd IV to assist in a very smooth glide over the rosacea skin and dissolving a very small amount of ingredients onto the skin.

Also Polyethylene Glycol is used most often in eye drops for various purposes as you will find when you Google the quoted words, “Polyethylene glycol” “Eye Drops”. The Rosacea-Ltd IV easily glides over the wet eye lid after provides the ocular rosacea patient an easy application to ‘eye lid’ while the eye is closed. Approximately 20% of all patients have ocular rosacea.

Polyethylene Glycol is often used in medications to assist in making the pills and capsules slicker and easier to swallow. Polyethylene Glycol is best known for the use in laxatives such as SoftLax, MaraLAX or GlycoLAX. It is the only laxative that can be used for years without problems. […]