The most common causes of ocular rosacea are dehydration, inflammation, infection, and irritation. This is a very simple answer to a very complex problem. Curing the problem of ocular involvement with rosacea requires a bit more effort.

The eye itself is composed of 96% water, therefore anytime the body is dehydrated, the eye will most certainly also be dehydrated. Increasing the amount of water you drink to a minimum of 9 to 11 glasses a day will add much needed moisture to the eye, reducing dryness, itchiness, inflammation and irritation.

Inflammation is caused by a number of factors. Inflammation is the body’s defense mechanism. The outer visible surfaces of the body act as a shield to protect the inner organs of the body from bacteria, pollutants, and germs. Any time the body senses an attack it rushes blood to the sight of invasion. As the blood gathers […]