Don describes his rosacea symptoms as ‘having a dry rash above my eyebrows and nothing seemed to make it go away. Then I began to get the red blotches and then the comodones (whiteheads). I was very self-conscience about it and became very anxious about any face-to-face meeting with others. Add to this fact that I’ve suffered from blufferitis all my life. My eyelids were always scaly and red. Trying to keep them clean during my school years was always a problem, I looked like I was on drugs most of my life. During the last few years I began to get painful styes or chalizions. To say I was at my wits end is an understatement.’

Don found his skin improvement with Rosacea-Ltd became noticeable, ‘about three months after I started the regimen I am completely free of all problems. The skin on my forehead is as smooth as […]