The basics of skin care are to prevent damage from occurring to the skin, aid in healing the damage that has already been done and provide relief when needed as the skin repairs itself.

The basic anatomy of skin care is to 1) cleanse the skin, 2) moisturize, 3) nourish the skin, 4) and protect the skin from damage.

Cleanse the skin with a cleansing bar that does nothing but CLEANSE the skin. A scrubbing bar adds a roughing agent to the cleanser that acts as an abrasive and can actually cut into the skin leaving the surface vulnerable to infection and bacteria.

Moisturize the skin to add a surface barrier to protect and seal any surface cracks or fissures in the skin. Moisturizing the skin will also provide a temporary soothing in the appearance of wrinkles in the skin and help the skin to retain moisture.

Nourish the skin to keep it […]