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Neurogenic Rosacea

Everyone’s rosacea is unique based on a wide variety of variables such as environment, family history, acidic imbalances in the body, medications or treatments one’s is using or has recently used, dehydration, vitamins and supplements, diet and lifestyle routines. This can make it very difficult to pinpoint the best way to address treatment of one’s specific symptoms in order to achieve control of their rosacea. From time to time despite all efforts, management of rosacea seems to defy all logical medical explanation. As a sign of progress being made in treating rosacea, as recently as 2011 a new subtype or variant of rosacea was identified and named neurogenic rosacea.

Identification of this new variant came about based upon patients for whom all other standard and traditional therapies have proven ineffective. In these patients the symptoms of rosacea appear to be the result of a neurological trigger. In […]

How to Overcome Your Worst Rosacea Habits

Your rosacea triggers are often influenced by habits. You get complacent in your rosacea treatment routine and get a bit lazy about how you monitor your triggers and before you realize it, you are dealing with yet another rosacea flare. And it always seems to happen when at a time when you really need your rosacea to rest quietly in remission.

None of us are perfect and so often when your rosacea symptoms are under control, you slip up a little bit, and indulge in a few more of the things that can trigger a flare-up of symptoms. Once the symptoms get out of control, it can almost seem monumental to rein in the habits again. Just as in the workplace, you re-certify every couple years to refresh your habits and learn what’s new in your field, from time to time you need to review and refresh your rosacea […]

A fully Integrated Rosacea Solution

In the successful treatment of rosacea, a total systems approach is more often associated with a fully integrated rosacea solution – one that includes the implementation of entire concept of cause and effect rather than relatively uncoordinated approach of systems and components. The first step is to identify your rosacea symptoms and determine the severity of those symptoms and make a note of any circumstances or triggers that might cause the symptoms to flare or suddenly worsen. If you are fairly new to rosacea, there are several sources that identify some of the more culprits of rosacea triggers and flares. Once you have identified a trigger that inflames or worsens your rosacea, you can determine if it is possible to avoid that circumstance or if it can’t be avoided, start looking for ways to minimize its impact on your skin.

One method that has proven quite successful […]

Price Comparison of Rosacea Treatments

When factoring in the cost of a rosacea treatment, one needs to consider the many aspects of the treatment regimen – how long will the supply I purchase today last, what other products do I need to purchase with it for the treatment to be used effectively and last but not least what recourse do I have if for some reason the treatment doesn’t work for me.

Below we have compiled a list of the top rosacea treatments currently and often used for the treatment of rosacea:

When you first seek help for rosacea depending on where you go for treatment assistance, at some point you will probably be prescribed one of the metronidazole products. These products come in gel form, cream and lotion. They are sold under the names: metro gel, metro cream, metro lotion, noritate, and Flagyl to name a few. This is a topical application used to […]

Cornstarch for Rosacea Relief

The use of cornstarch to relieve itching is a time proven home remedy that has found favor for general use today. Cornstarch in a paste form is very effective for soothing irritated skin and calming the itching often associated with dry, inflamed or irritated skin. A paste would be made by mixing one tablespoon of cornstarch with three tablespoons of water. Apply this mixture to the affected area and allow to air dry. One should however be mindful to never apply this mixture to broken skin or open wounds.

Cornstarch is an anti-inflammatory, very soothing and natural pH acid neutralizer. Often times the inflammatory response of itching and skin irritation is the result of an acidic imbalance on the skin. Some event or situation triggers an immune system response and the body reacts to the site of this attack by rushing anti-bodies through the blood to the […]

New Research May One Day Provide Relief for Rosacea Inflammation

A recent study in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has cited research into a synthetic molecule, sulfate monosaccharide that can block T-cell signals in the body. While their research is centered on the allergen response that triggers an asthma attack, this synthetic molecule could one day have the potential to reduce or inhibit the inflammation response triggered in rosacea.

This molecule when tested in mice was able to lessen the systemic response of inflammation airway constriction and mucus production associated with an asthma attack. The synthetic sulfate monosaccharide interrupted the interaction of a T-cell signally protein called chemokine CCL20 and a molecule called heparin sulfate that stimulates the action of the T-cell response. When the T-cell and heparin sulfate response was blocked, the body’s natural inflammation response to the allergen is not triggered.

In theory by blocking the immune system triggered response to the […]

Aloe Vera for Rosacea Symptom Relief

A common symptom patients who suffer from rosacea report that their facial skin burns or feels itchy. A lot of people have found relief in a house plant. Aloe Vera plants have been used not only to decorate in the kitchen but also as a quick handy cure for kitchen burns. Aloe Vera has been used holistically throughout history due to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. The same soothing action that can relieve the pain and heat from a burn can be incorporated to soothe the itching and burning sensations that often accompany rosacea.

Simply break off a stalk or leaf from the Aloe Vera plant and for a small area, just squeeze out a portion of the gel like substance inside the leaf and apply to the affected area of the skin. To cover a larger portion of the skin, one can slice the leaf length wise to extract […]

Innovation in Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea-Ltd is an innovative, novel approach to skin care that is the result of over 16 years of research based on the precise fine tuning of the best blend of medical technology, scientific expertise, and cellular therapy to produce an all-natural highly advanced method of skincare. Rosacea-Ltd is founded on a practice of total healing. We believe that if you can incorporate the natural healing ability of the body with the treatment of the symptoms of rosacea, you can affect a cure of your rosacea. Our goal is to change the way you approach the treatment of your rosacea. Our scientifically advanced breakthroughs in the theories into the cause of rosacea, allow us to provide you with plan to address not just the surface of the skin affected by rosacea but to look deeper and address the genetic underlying cause and effect of your rosacea symptoms.

Rosacea […]

The Three Basic Elements of Rosacea Treatment

To manage and control rosacea, your skin care routine should consist of three basic elements. The need to prevent or minimize the intensity of future rosacea flares, a method of protecting the skin to enhance its ability to better control triggers for your rosacea symptoms, and the power to correct the damage that has already occurred.

The team of skin care researchers at Rosacea-Ltd is dedicated to providing you with useful tools for success in treating and managing your rosacea, but only you can decide how much you wish to invest in your personal health.

To prevent or at least minimize the intensity of future rosacea flares, we explore the principles of how our body’s own immune system can trigger a rosacea symptom response. Any time our body identifies what it believes to be a breach in the skin’s surface, it responds by sending an infusion […]

Managing Rosacea Symptoms Through pH Balance

We have spoken a lot about balancing the body’s pH as a method of controlling the symptoms of rosacea and managing the skin’s response to rosacea triggers. There are many ways this can be achieved. Our body acts in many ways as a complex system of checks and balances and when operating at its optimum levels, controlling rosacea symptoms is a very easy task. Our body naturally neutralizes acids through a system of controlled buffers or processes. The body expels some acids through the basic process of breathing. As we exhale, we release carbon dioxide from the lungs, the carbon dioxide is a by-product of the body filtering and processing the oxygen we breathe. The carbon dioxide is acidic and through exhaling we release or remove these acids from the body. Some acids from the foods and beverages we consume are excreted through the kidneys and colon. As we […]