Allergies often play a role in our skin health. Allergic reactions result in skin redness, itching, bumps and even pain. There has often been a common association between rosacea sufferers and the occurrence of allergies. While not all rosacea sufferers have allergies, a lot in fact do. Not all people who suffer from allergies also have rosacea but it is not uncommon. So clearly there is a common link between the two.

Allergy symptoms are the result a systemic response to some form of contact with an allergen. The common response involves itchy watery eyes, the eyes may be red and swollen, itchy skin, a contact site skin rash and nasal congestion. The allergen triggers these responses by triggering the immune system to fight off what the body views as an invading attack by a foreign substance.
Rosacea symptoms are also the result of a systemic response within the body. There are various known things that trigger a rosacea response and some may be the result of contact with allergens, but rosacea goes far beyond a simple allergic response. Rosacea is more of a result of a compromised immune system ; the immune system is not performing at its full potential for one of many reasons thus triggering a rosacea symptom response.

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