It’s surprising to note that the national news sources are all reporting the NEW STARTLING DISCOVERY of the decades old theory that rosacea is somehow caused by Demodex Mites. If this were truly the case than the entire population of the world would be suffering from rosacea. There’s your first clue that it’s not true, just another scare story that’s been picked up by numerous news sources to pray upon our fears.

The very real fear here is that someone might actually believe it and in doing so feel the only way to rid their skin of these ultra-magnified terrifying creatures is to scrub, scour and scrape their skin, thus inflicting even more permanent damage to an already sensitive skin condition.

For anything to CAUSE rosacea, we must first create a situation to weaken the skin’s defenses enough to create the conditions for rosacea to prosper. So how might one cause enough damage to the skin to weaken the barriers for rosacea or any skin condition to thrive? Applying harsh chemicals is one way – put enough acid on your skin in the form of anti-aging formulas, anti-wrinkle creams, AHA’s, BHA’s, chemical peels, acne treatments containing benzoyl peroxide or azealic acid. Any of these in a high enough concentration will attack the top layers of the skin weakening its defenses and allow adverse conditions to thrive.

As the body’s largest organ the skin is the first to show signs of a compromise in the body’s immune system. Your skin is in fact the window to your body’s health. Keep your body well hydrated and adequately nourished and your skin will follow, abuse the body and your skin will be the first to show it.

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