The majority of us have had acne at some time in our lives and as adults when we see the little red bumps and flushed reddened facial skin, our first thought is acne. We apply our time tested favorite acne medication and are often shocked when our skin gets worse rather than better. The reason these acne treatments that have been so successful in the past no longer work is because we are trying to treat a different condition and new symptoms with the wrong treatment. Acne medications are by nature designed to target bacteria using a combination of antibiotics to address the bacterial component of the skin condition, exfoliants to speed up the process of shedding the upper layers of the skin to remove bacteria and astringents designed to target excess oil and adjust sebum production.

Acne treatments work great for acne as it targets the symptoms and cause of acne, but it does nothing for rosacea. Rosacea is a complex skin disorder in which affects the normal workings of the blood vessels. Some trigger or stimulus causes the blood vessels to malfunction, causing stinging and sometimes burning sensations on the skin surface, beneath the surface in the upper layers of the skin, the blood vessels go into a sort of hyper-overdrive. The blood vessels almost seem to multiply and flood the most upper layer of the skin creating a flushed or reddened facial appearance.

Rosacea’s facial symptoms can be effectively addressed with the use of Rosacea-Ltd. Rosacea-Ltd is a soothing compressed application of minerals specially chosen for their healing and calming properties designed to address the discomfort and redness associated with rosacea. The makers of Rosacea-Ltd also understand that rosacea is more than just skin deep and provide the rosacea sufferer with the results of their years of research into the internal causes of rosacea and related skin conditions.

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