Treating rosacea can be incredibly challenging for some people. Because there are no definitive test to diagnosis rosacea, mistakes and mis-diagnosis does happen. There are many skin conditions very similar to rosacea so knowing and understanding all the possibilities makes it possible to rule out or eliminate those that do not meet your definitive symptoms.

Often times the medications prescribed can be irritating or even lead to a worsening of your rosacea symptoms. Read the ingredients and possible side effects before you put it on your face. Avoid anything that claims to peel or re-surface the skin – these are often chemicals designed to remove the skin leaving the under-lying layers of skin raw, sensitive and not acclimated to exposure of the effects of sunlight, or even air.

The best rule to follow in treating rosacea is to keep it simple. Cleanse the skin with a basic unscented cleanser that does not do anything but cleanse the skin – no deodorant, no fragrance, no moisturizing bars, just a basic cleanser.

Then soothe, calm and protect the skin with a basic moisturizing oil such as lavender, chamomile or jojoba.

Hydrate the skin by increasing your water intake. Too little water in your diet results in dryness of the skin, itching, burning of the skin and irritation.

These steps alone can go a long way in healing and soothing the symptoms of rosacea.

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