Treating ocular rosacea requires attention to detail. It is often what we have already done that is a contributing cause of our current ocular rosacea condition. In many cases the eye makeup, contact lens solution or cleaning routine can be a major culprit in eye rosacea irritation or eye infections. Simply replacing these products can produce a positive result in your ocular symptoms. The reason for this is that it is so easy for bacteria to contaminate these products and replacing them every 2 to 3 months can solve your ocular problem. Buy the smallest amounts possible and replace frequently.

Dry eye syndrome results from a lack of adequate moisture caused by dehydration. The easiest solution is to simply drink more water. And in no time your eyes will be less red, less irritated and less dry.

The crusty corners that sometimes develop in the eyes can be addressed with a twice daily gentle, mild cleaning. For most people, a warm clean wash cloth pressed gently to the eye will be sufficient to loosen and remove the crusting. For more difficult situations, you may need to use a diluted solution of mild baby shampoo and warm water to remove the crusting.

For the redness and tearing that sometimes occurs in the corner of the eyes quick dab of the tan Rosacea-Ltd disk applied to the skin surrounding the eye will do wonders to clear this up in just a few days.

Rosacea-Ltd Disks

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