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The Treatment Research Team at Rosacea-Ltd IV were the pioneers in research studies of skin diseases that can and often do co-exist with rosacea. Our findings are that 82% of the patients with rosacea display symptoms of adult acne or “acne rosacea” (raised red lesions with pus caused by a bacterial component that comes to a head before erupting from a white/yellow center.) While 35% of rosacea patients have seborrheic dermatitis which makes for a most delicate skin condition. These three co-existing facial skin conditions often lead initially to mis-diagnosis or delayed diagnosis of rosacea. This delay in the diagnosis of rosacea can result in increased mental suffering or embarrassment for the patient. Treatments such as retinoids, accutane, steroids, laser therapy treatment, and antibiotics have not worked very well and often aggravate, redden, or thin the skin which can cause further sensitivity as most acne treatment products are too aggressive for use in rosacea treatments.

Years of innovative research has lead to the development of our new effective Rosacea-Ltd IV which specializes in leaving the skin barrier intact with an ‘invisible application’ that penetrates and migrates so that only a very small amount is needed. There are no side effects of any type. Also Rosacea-Ltd IV does not affect any other treatment or medication in any way; nor does Rosacea-Ltd affect pregnancy or nursing infants. Rosacea-Ltd IV can be applied to skin that is sensitive due to rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, and acne. The actual physical shape was made for ease in applying the disks around the contours of the face and eyelid.