To develop an understanding of rosacea one must first define what rosacea is – put simply, rosacea is the appearance of redness or flushing on the face, most commonly appearing in the center portion of the face. Flushing or redness is usually more distinguishable on the nose, cheeks, chin and possibly the center of the forehead. As the condition progresses it may also involve the onset of spidery veins, and raised red bumps called papules.

Once erroneously believed to be caused by an excess in alcohol consumption, rosacea is often misunderstood. Many have stated that the cause of rosacea is not clearly known although many factors may contribute to it. These contributing factors are said to include, a genetic predisposition or a genetic footprint for the condition, spicy or hot foods, stressful situations, the side effects of medications, sun sensitivity, and dehydration.

While all of these factors can contribute to rosacea and once rosacea occurs, these factors can cause rosacea symptoms to worsen, countless others can manage these same situations and factors without the symptomatic involvement of rosacea. For years the cause of rosacea has remained a mystery, but it is a mystery clearly on the path to being solved.
Medical research personnel working with Rosacea-Ltd found that an acidic imbalance within the body creates a weakened immune system and once this happens, the symptoms of rosacea are much more prominent and severe. This would explain why rosacea seems to ebb and flow with periods of rosacea flares and remission. The body is subjected to numerous chemical exposures throughout the day and these can affect how our body processes its acidic response. Rosacea is an acidic response to chemical imbalances within the body.

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