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A natural facial and ocular treatment that limits or reduces facial redness, dilated vessels, seborrheic dermatitis, adult acne pimples, and papules. Rosacea-Ltd IV received its name by informing rosacea sufferers how they could ‘limit their rosacea’ with the research information on the cause or etiology’ of rosacea and by being the ‘fourth generation’ of Rosacea-Ltd produced over the last 20 years sold & shipped worldwide.

Purchase with confidence as this treatment will: improve your rosacea, ocular rosacea, acne rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. Overall, 98% of Rosacea-Ltd IV users confirm that they have found an excellent improvement in two to three weeks in the condition of their skin symptoms of facial redness, papules (a small red ‘solid non-acne lesion’ without pus), acne pimples, seborrheic dermatitis (a patchy and sometimes scaly red lesion on the face that is very sensitive)and dilated facial rosacea vessels after stopping their previous rosacea treatment that may have been too aggressive for the overly sensitive rosacea skin. We know that rosacea can be cured with proper treatment.“The only thing you can lose is your rosacea” as our refund policy is wonderful with our 120 day refund for any reason or no reason at all.

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    My skin is much better now. I have used your excellent product for three years, which is why I no longer really have rosacea.

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    I stared using the disks many years ago. My skin is vastly better now by using the discs daily.
    Many thanks!

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    I used to have redness, tingling, itching, and was uncomfortable until I started using your products a year ago. I have used up my first disk, and am ready and very willing and happy for more. Thanks for such a worthwhile product that really and truly works!

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    I have used Rosacea-Ltd for the past 3 years and have never had better results. The only problem I seem to have difficulty managing is that I live in an extremely hot climate and I feel that it adds to my facial redness.

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    My skin is much better now. I have used your excellent product for three years, which is why I no longer really have rosacea.

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    I prefer the yellow discs, I’ve been using Rosacea-Ltd for over 10 years with much success. Thanks for a great product.

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    I have been using Rosacea Ltd. for many years and I am a very happy customer. This is a miracle and I use the bars every day.

    Thank you

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    Your product is the only one that works for me. My rosacea has been 95% improved since starting to use Rosacea-Ltd IV four years ago. Diet, adequate sleep, and stress are huge factors. Washing my face with cold water has made a huge difference as well. A big thank you!

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    This is my 4th order. I only use your product for skin care, plus sun screen, and mineral make up. I recommend your product to everyone!!!

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    Just reordered, again. I’ve gotten the best results with Rosacea-Ltd IV.

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    I have been using Rosacea Ltd. products exclusively since 2011. I am a very, very happy Rosacea Ltd. customer! Your product works and I’ve recommended it to many other people. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Rosacea-Ltd IV Customer

    I stopped all other medications 4 months back since I received your product. Good results! My rosacea consists only of mild redness now.


We can treat your facial skin symptoms and ocular rosacea symptoms by improving your healthy lifestyles and thus we have become the ‘The Rosacea Doctor of the Future’. The use of our Rosacea-Ltd IV treatment while following your Letter of Instructions prepared ‘just for you only’ as ‘everyone is different’, you will begin to see results within several days of use and will notice even more improvement within two weeks and your symptoms will continue to improve when you follow ‘your Letter of Instructions’. And if anyone is not impressed, simply return the Rosacea-Ltd IV for a 100% refund within 120 days without questions. Our customer reviews say it all.

Our Rosacea-Ltd IV disk contains more than 99% undiluted natural ingredients. Rosacea-Ltd IV’s gentle ingredients produce no negative side effects. The mineral ingredients are easily and quickly absorbed into the skin for a completely invisible application as the minerals penetrate the skin and migrate so you do not need to touch every spot that is affected. You will be able to see the improvement in skin symptoms, normally within two weeks of using Rosacea-Ltd IV which has a perfect pH skin balance of 7.0 for optimal skin healing and skin regeneration. The ingredients of the Rosacea-Ltd disks are comprised a select mineral blend specially chosen for their superior healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Inventor of Rosacea-Ltd

Lead researcher behind our Rosacea-Ltd disk formula

Our team of researchers led by a Johns Hopkins University M.D. with a two-year fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, residency at Harvard University’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and two years of research at Massachusetts General Hospital, developed Rosacea-Ltd IV 20 years ago as an all natural treatment for rosacea. Pictured to the right is Dr. Taylor, the lead researcher behind Rosacea-Ltd. The educational merits of our team of researchers are unequaled in ‘grey matter’ at any university or at any pharmaceutical company.

Compare Rosacea-Ltd IV with Your Past Rosacea Treatments

  • We provide a 120 day unconditional, risk free 100% refund policy. Simply return it, no questions asked.
  • Our Dermatology Research team, with 83 years of collective research has determined rosacea is the result of an immune system malfunction which you can learn more about on our Rosacea Cause & Cure page.
  • Use of Rosacea-Ltd IV treatment produces NO adverse side effects – Just patients worldwide who are healthier and happier with the appearance of their skin since 1997 when Rosacea-Ltd was first sold. Bass & Boney Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has been in the business of rosacea research since 1983.

How Rosacea-Ltd IV ‘works and why’ as well as pregnancy and breast feeding.

    • Rosacea-Ltd has secured Medical Patents in 73 countries.
    • Rosacea-Ltd IV will normally last at least 12 months.
    • We will give you a free pack of 80 pH testing strips with every order of Rosacea-Ltd IV. If you run out, you can order more of these online very easily.
  • U.S. Customers Only: Reasonably priced at $98.00 or $0.27 per day which includes two Rosacea-Ltd disks, instructions tailored to your specific rosacea concerns, processing and delivery to your home or office in 2-3 days in the U.S. U.S. orders are shipped priority mail.
  • International Customers Only: pricing still reasonable at $130.00 which includes two Rosacea-Ltd disks, instructions tailored to your specific rosacea concerns, processing and Federal Express Shipping and will normally arrive within 2-3 days in most countries.
  • Rosacea-Ltd is made in the U.S.A. and never tested on animals.

Rosacea-Ltd IV has met the challenge to improve the patient’s skin. Our most extreme rosacea patient was age 64 and had spent $30,000 over a 40 year period and had used much time traveling to and from his dermatologist and pharmacy, and had used everything was surprised to solve his severe rosacea skin and ocular problems with one order of Rosacea-Ltd IV. Our oldest patient was 97 years of age.

Chronic rosacea sufferers will usually follow a pattern of common past treatments. Rosacea was at one time thought to be caused by yeast on the skin which resulted in the use of products containing metronidazole as the active ingredient and sold under the names Metrogel, Metrolotion, Metrocream and Noritate. Metronidazole was invented to treat vaginal yeast symptoms. Likewise, antibiotics were once thought to be the miracle rosacea treatment. The antibiotics pit falls are serious and numerous as antibiotics causes more general redness of the face while it does reduce acne pimples for a short time in some rosacea patients, And the severe medical crisis of antibiotic resistance in patients and hospitals worldwide is most serious.

Another concept in rosacea treatments was the use of exfoliating based products and retinoid products. The problem with this was that when you prematurely remove the outer layer of skin you expose skin that is more tender and sensitive to the environmental factors that caused your symptoms to flare. Accutane marketed for the treatment of severe acne was a very aggressive attempt by some to treat rosacea that actually made rosacea much worse. The use of topical and oral steroidal treatments has been experimented with in treating rosacea but with their use comes the risk of symptoms of steroid withdrawal upon stopping of the steroid. The widespread use of laser therapy runs much the same risks and complication as exfoliants and retinoid of this treatment were sensitivity to sunlight, which was already a rosacea trigger.

When following our Letter of Instructions (made individually for each person), you will see a great improvement in your ocular and facial appearance within two weeks. The soothing minerals in our natural treatment are ideally suited to meet the needs of skin that is red, flushed, sensitive or irritated. The smooth surface of the disk glides easily over the dampened skin with a quick one to two second application to migrate and penetrate the skin’s surface in a non-irritating manner. Because the disks are invisible on the skin, there is no problem or embarrassment with daytime applications and use. Simply allow the minerals a few seconds to dry and then apply your regular sun screen or makeup foundation. You will find that a mineral powder or water based foundation are best for sensitive skin.

Through our extensive research we have found that on average 82% of rosacea patients also display symptoms of acne and 35% report symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis. These combinations create a more sensitive and delicate skin condition. Most acne products are too aggressive and harsh causing more facial redness, irritation and damage to the already sensitive skin. Many products marketed to rejuvenate, renew or reduce wrinkles work by exfoliating the skin, a process that is often too harsh for already sensitive rosacea skin causing more redness and skin irritation.

Fair skin people often have ancestral backgrounds from climates that were cold, damp and wet. Both experienced very harsh climate extremes with fairer completed people probably spending less time outdoors due to the climate and thus perhaps the real ethnicity trigger may not be being fair skinned but a genetic history of a lack of Vitamin D which is best absorbed through sun light. Vitamin D boosts the immune system, balances the body’s pH and is necessary for the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Application of treatment.[

Application of Rosacea-Ltd.

Rosacea-Ltd is specially formulated to heal the symptoms of rosacea from the very mild to the more severe symptoms. Some rosacea patients see their skin condition as more severe than it may actually be. For examples of what we consider the more severe cases from our years of experience in treating rosacea, please view pictures of a man with rosacea and a woman suffering from severe rosacea.

The shape of Rosacea-Ltd IV allows for a very easy application as shown in the picture to the right. The design of the disk allows easy access for all contours of the face including the eye sockets and eye lids for ocular rosacea patients.

Your order of Rosacea-Ltd IV will include two disks – one for daytime use and one for the night time application. They come in a tan and yellow color as seen in the picture. The color is invisible on the skin and the difference is in relation to the amount of ingredients contained in each disk.

Tan and yellow treatment disks.

Tan and yellow Rosacea-Ltd disks.

Both a tan & a yellow Rosacea-Ltd IV disk will be mailed in separate labeled plastic shipping containers. If you are unhappy, simply return the unused portion with your Letter of Instructions which has your name, address and payment method.

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Rosacea Symptoms

The symptoms are different in various patients as all people are different genetically as well as in their age, past and present acne and rosacea treatments, humidity and sun exposure in their weather, exercise, gender, stress levels, water consumption, and the adverse effects of coffee, tea, alcohol, soda, and the intake of various other drugs. The symptoms include facial redness, flushing and burning, spider veins, papules (solid red lesions without pus, acne pimples (with pus) and seborrheic dermatitis (crusty red flaky inflamed irritation). Also present in some patients would be enlarged pores known as the ‘orange peel’ skin appearance. A common symptom of ocular rosacea is red gritty eyes.

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